We’ve had our eye on this construction site at 117 W Girard Ave. for a few months now, and haven’t come any closer to knowing what’s going on…

New building

is replacing this old building

The property, which sits on a 14’x52′ lot, was purchased by Selina Inc for $150K back in 2006. We can’t find much info on this company, except that they own another rental property in Kensington. For years, Victor’s Luncheonette held down the fort at this corner, but Victor’s is no more. The new building’s design puzzles us some. The location on Girard Ave. and the large windows would seem to indicate a commercial use, but doesn’t everything seem awfully high off the ground? Aren’t some ADA rules being violated here?

Does anyone know anything else about this project? We’re nearly certain that we saw renderings somewhere along the line for this building but we can’t seem to remember where or who passed them along to us. Assuming that there will be a commercial use on the first floor, is there anything that folks in the neighborhood would be particularly jazzed about?

And while we’re asking questions, what are the chances that the two blighted corner properties on this block could get fixed up in the near future? The renovation of these places could do some wonderful things for the northern side of the block.

Building could be gorgeous

These, not so much

There are a couple of other notable items in this neck of the woods that we’ll be covering pretty soon. And we don’t mean the new Fine Wine and Good Spirits under the Superfresh.