If it seems like we're coming back to Front Street every week or so, it's because that's exactly what's happening. Last week, we told you about new foundations on the 2000 block which will eventually lead to a new mixed-use building. A couple weeks ago, it was the new Honeygrow HQ coming to the 1600 block. Today, we're moving a bit farther north to tell you about some demolition on the 2200 block.

We actually looked at 2134-36 N. Front St. a few years back, pointing out the friendly graffiti on the front of the vacant and blighted structure. Here, take a look at what we're talking about:

In the past

Okay, it was partially painted over in this image. To be clear, it used to say "Don't trash the street. Don't be a pig." Words to live by. Of course, now the building is looking quite different.

Current view

From a little farther out

You can see, the building has been partially demolished. And you know, when a building is partially torn down, it's a pretty safe bet it'll get completely demolished. At first, we assumed that the building was being demolished by the City due to a long list of violations and potentially unsafe conditions. But thinking about it, we're more inclined to believe that the owners of the property are behind the demolition. Finanta bought the building a little over a year ago, having purchased the vacant lots to the south in 2012. Finanta is primarily a company that does community lending, small-business consulting, and homeownership counseling, but they also have a CDC arm that small-scale development. Right now, the demo permits are all we're seeing, but we'd guess that a mixed-use building will eventually appear here. 

We reached out to Finanta but weren't able to get anyone on the phone. Has anyone in the neighborhood heard anything about the plans for this property?