There are some projects that have been "coming soon" for so long that we just assume they're never going to happen. But every now and then, such a project does indeed happen and we have to pinch ourselves to make sure we're not experiencing some cruel dream. Thankfully, we aren't dreaming about the 1300 block of N. Howard Street these days, because a residential development that we first heard about in 2011 is finally happening.

First few foundations now getting poured

About half a dozen years ago, a warehouse was torn down at 1320 N. Howard St., with plans from Tower Investments for a row of new homes as part of a larger project on the block. Didn't happen. We checked in on the property a few times over the years, and took renewed interest in the block when the Townhomes at Liberties North brought almost two dozen new homes across the street. Finally, at the end of last year, we heard about zoning notices on the property indicating plans for fourteen new homes and a parking lot, but still had some unanswered questions about the project. Notably, we didn't know whether Tower was still involved with the parcel or if they'd sold it to another developer nor did we know whether the ZBA would allow the project in the first place.

Townhomes at Liberties North across the street

The new foundations would certainly indicate that the project got approval at the ZBA. And public record now indicates that Tower is out and a different developer is now working on the project. We still don't know what these homes will look like or how they'll be priced. Given that the homes across the street have been selling in the low $400K range, we'd say that's a decent starting point on the prices for the new homes. As for the architecture, it's harder to predict. It would be pretty cool if the builders could take some inspiration from a new duplex under construction on this very block, which seems to be sheathed in a mix of wood and metal and looks rather unique.

Cool looking new duplex on the block

More than likely though, we'd suspect the new homes will have a similar look to most of the other new construction in the area. Still, it'll be a big improvement over what's been here for the last half-decade and also a step up from the warehouse that was here beforehand.