We spied a new hole in the ground in South Kensington, and another one could soon follow. We've visited the intersection of 6th & Thompson several times over the last few years, noting a few different projects to the north on 6th Street and a rather cool looking building on the northeast corner. In addition, we've brought the large vacant lots on the northwest and southwest corners to your attention, speculating that they'd eventually get redeveloped.

Cool building on the northeast corner, some newer buildings to the north

That new hole is located on the southwest corner. Developers bought these lots about a year and a half ago, and according to the permits it looks like they're building three new duplexes. This is in a similar vein to the other projects we've seen nearby, as many of these parcels are zoned for multi-family use.

Southwest corner, under construction

The northwest corner has been used as a neighborhood green space over the years. According to public record, 1300-04 N. 6th St. has been owned for decades by the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit group that works with the PRA and is dedicated to improving the lives of low-income residents. The two lots next door are owned by a resident of the block. The privately owned lots are staying as a garden for now, but the PHDC lots have active permits for a seven-unit building. According to public record PHDC still owns the lots, but it's quite possible they've sold to a private developer. It truly doesn't matter to us who's doing the project, we're just pleased to see that this parcel should also get developed soon.

Northwest corner, more new buildings nearby

We've said on several occasions that South Kensington development is spreading to the west and this would seem to further that argument. As new construction continues to push in this direction, it should only mean that we'll see more action further north and west in this neighborhood in the coming years.