South Kensington continues to see new projects pop up, and as the neighborhood changes we're seeing projects drift further from the middle of the action. There have certainly been exceptions, the bulk of the construction activity in the area has taken place east of 4th Street. But today we look at an addition to the growing list of said exceptions.

Previously, 1321-25 N. 7th St. was a fenced-in lot, not a bad look considering how bad so many other lots look in this neighborhood.

In the past

Visit the site today and you see something very different.

Current view

The first three bays that you see are part of the same project, the N7 Condos. Developers purchased the properties last year and are building three triplex condo buildings. The layout is standard, with a 1st floor-basement unit, a 2nd floor unit, and a 3rd floor unit with roof deck access. Toner Architects did the design work. Though you can get a pretty good idea of what the project will look like given the exterior progress, here's a rendering anyway.

Project rendering. The blue fade won't be there in real life

Though the project looks like it will be done in the coming months, we can't find any listings for the units so we can't provide much info in that department, we're sorry to say.

7th & Thompson project just to the south

Though this project falls, as we said, outside the epicenter of South Kensington development, it's certainly not alone. Look to the south and you see a contemporary project at 7th & Thompson with four homes and a mixed-use building. Immediately to the north of the condo buildings, a duplex is under construction. And other developers recently purchased the two lots just to the south, so look for more construction next door in the near future. Despite this flurry of activity, the area still has a ton of vacancy and blight. But if this trend continues, that should begin to fade as the years roll off the calendar.