Remember yesterday, when we told you about plans for twenty new homes on Mascher Street in South Kensington? Today we have a much smaller project to share nearby, which is also replacing a long vacant lot. For quite some time, 176 Cecil B. Moore Ave. looked like this:

In the past

Though it was a well tended vacant lot, it was still a vacant lot, dreaming of a day that a building would appear upon it. And that day has finally come. Passing by over the weekend, we discovered a newish foundation.

Recent view

Looking quickly at the foundation, our first suspicion was that two homes would be going up here. Then we looked a little closer and decided to consult the L&I Map, due to the square shape of the foundation. That's how we learned that this will actually soon be home to a triplex, which is cleverly being referred to as Cecil's Cube. Design work on the project was done by DCM Architecture. The look will be decidedly non-traditional, which is great by us.

Project will look cool

The green material will be a fiber cement siding, and the lighter color will be a corrugated metal, hearkening back to the area's industrial past. We look forward to seeing the project go up, and eagerly anticipate the splash of color on Cecil B. Sure, this project might stick out a little in Queen Village. But to us, this is an example of creative architecture in an area that can accommodate a little variety.