If you’ve been to South Kensington at any point, you’ve probably been struck by the number of vacant lots, ripe for redevelopment. And make no mistake, developers are paying attention and several larger projects are already underway or just on the horizon. Recently, we gave you the lowdown on eighteen units coming to 171-79 W Jefferson St., across from a graveyard and a ball field. And a few months ago, we showed you a contemporary new construction project at 2nd and Oxford Sts. that’s currently half-finished.

171 W Jefferson

2nd and Oxford

Today, we have news for you about a planned development that’s next to the planned eighteen home development on Jefferson St., from the same developers who are working at 2nd & Oxford. According to the zoning application, RPM Builders are hoping to redevelop an overgrown parcel at 1501 N 2nd St.

Former lumber mill

More of the 13K+ sqft lot

The plan for this large lot is to build two 4-story buildings, each with ten apartments. Each apartment will have a corresponding parking space. The two buildings will also have a vacant commercial space, ostensibly to improve the retail mix in the area. We’re guessing that the design will somewhat resemble the building at 2nd and Oxford Sts., though we have no confirmation on that as of yet.

Just think, two large, adjacent, and currently vacant lots on Jefferson Street will soon have eighteen new houses and twenty new apartments, along with a couple of new commercial spaces. That would have been unbelievable just a couple of years ago. Today, it’s met with a shrug, as if we’ve come to expect it.

There’s simply no doubt about it, things are moving and shaking in South Kensington.