Today, we come to the thrilling finale of our N. Front St. trilogy, jumping back over to the South Kensington side of the street. We have thus far covered two projects that are working their way towards completion, but at 2038 and 2046 N. Front St., construction has recently wrapped up. These are actually two separate buildings, as a property with a different owner bisects the two companion projects. Let’s do that bird’s eye thing once more before we get to the updates.

This project takes us back to a site we visited in 2019, when recently poured foundations took the place of a formerly vacant lot. We knew to expect two buildings from the seemingly-everywhere Canno Design, with 17 units and some ground floor commercial space in the corner building and an additional 22 units in the southern building, also some with first floor retail space. You can see the previous state of affairs at this corner, along with the strong potential for something better.

Current view from the corner of N. Front & Diamond
View of the grassy lot that once stood at the southwest corner of N. Front & Diamond St.
The same corner at our last visit, not yet out of the ground

As you’re well aware of by now, things don’t stay the same too long in the city these days, and we are happy to say that this is very good news in this instance. Both of these buildings are now completed, continuing the new narrative on this part of Front Street. This throw-back design features prominent, traditional lighting along both buildings, helping to break up the light-colored massing. The brick gives a weight to the project that makes it feel like it’s been around far longer than its recent completion date.

Renderings of the two buildings from Canno Design
View looking down Front shows how lighting ties the street level of both building together

If we combine these 39 units with the 66 units from the other two projects we’ve covered at this busy intersection, we are comfortably over the 100 new units mark. It is honestly remarkable how many projects of all shapes and sizes are happening in this neck of the woods. With so many new residents in the near future, the area will have a much different feel, which we certainly don’t mind. Remarkably, even with all the new construction on various blocks of Front Street, there’s still plenty of vacant land and numerous empty buildings on the corridor. In other words, look for the pattern to continue for years to come on this block and heading south and north from here.