We last visited the corner of Mascher & Oxford a little over a month ago, and were a little confused about a zoning notice posted on a vacant lot at the corner advertising a plan for eight new homes. This seemed curious, since the developers had subdivided part of the property into ten lots last summer, so we didn't know whether this application was a change to the previous plan or whether it meant that even more homes would be rising here. Passing by the property just the other day, we spied a sign at the corner which directed us to a website for the project that provided some helpful information.

Sign on the site

Looking down Mascher St.

You can see, the project will be called Mascher Court and will include the construction of seventeen new homes. We can't quite figure out the layout of the project, though we'd think that most if not all of the homes will front Mascher Street. Each home will have a parking space in an attached surface parking lot, similar to the setup of the ten home project next door on Oxford Street. Though a garage is a nice amenity for a homeowner, the fact that the parking will happen in a nearby lot will allow for much better layouts for the homes. We see that some homes in project are already listed for sale at $500K, with two already under agreement. You can see in the image above that the first homes on the southern end of the project are already under construction.

Project rendering

Speaking of properties going under agreement, we see that the project at 1508 Mascher St., the former Spencer Industries, also has some units listed for sale even though we didn't see any active construction taking place. We expected that these were going to be rentals but it seems the developers are going the condo route. And they're having some success, with units listed between $275K and $340K. And the listing even includes an elevations drawing, so we see what to expect.

Elevations drawing

To think, this block was in terrible shape just a handful of years ago- and now between Oxford Mills, Mascher Court, and the Spencer Industries conversion, it's looking like it will become one of the most attractive parts of South Kensington in the very near future.