A few months ago, we alerted you that 3rd Ward, the wonderful Brooklyn-based arts facility, will be opening a new location in the City of Brotherly Love next summer. At the time, we wondered whether the new Philadelphia location would, like the Brooklyn space, actively seek an outside restauranteur to open and operate a large cafe/restaurant onsite.

Rendering of restaurant space

As it turns out, 3rd Ward released an RFP a week and a half ago, and is seeking an qualified restauranteur to “help create a vibrant cultural hub in … the neighborhood.” The winner of the bid will receive an $80K capital improvement budget, and will have about 3,200 sqft of indoor space to work with. That includes 1,900 sqft of first floor space, and 1,300 sqft of basement space. The restaurant will also have another roughly 1,000 sqft of outdoor space.

Restaurant floor plan

3rd Ward is looking for a full service restaurant that will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and will have a full liquor license. In addition, the restaurant will be expected to fill the role of caterer for events at 3rd Ward. While the restaurant will be responsible for taxes, insurance, and utility payments, they won’t have to pay rent per se, but will instead pay a percentage of gross revenues. Not a bad deal, though just how good the deal is will hinge on the exact percentage required.

For those of you who haven’t been to 4th and Thompson Sts. recently, this is a really big deal. True, there are numerous dining options on Girard Ave. and below in Northern Liberties, but a new, upscale restaurant in Kensington proper would represent a tremendous step forward. Between 3rd Ward itself and the affiliated restaurant, things really are moving in the right direction in this neighborhood. Can’t wait to see what this new development will inspire.

So… who’s the lucky restauranteur gonna be?

In the meantime, let’s take another look at the buildings, currently under construction.

The buildings that will become the 3rd Ward

A look back to 1896

3rd Ward has requested that Letters of Intent be submitted by January 6th, and Proposals by February 3rd. For more information, click here.