Six years ago, neighbors celebrated the news that Tria was planning to open their third location at the southeast corner of 21st & South. Though some concerns came up at an informational presentation at a SOSNA zoning meeting (which we attended 'natch), it looked like the project would get community support and the neighborhood would get a wine and cheese cafe to call its own. Within a couple of months, the project was dead. And about a year later, some real estate office opened in the space instead.

So much better than Tria

As the years have gone by, South Street West has found a way to survive. The 21st & South intersection gained a Honey's Sit N' Eat. The Grays Ferry Triangles have gotten new businesses and an awesome outdoor plaza that we don't take as much advantage of as we should. Further east, a ton of new businesses have appeared, including Jet Wine Bar, a Tria-like establishment. Still, many in the neighborhood still haven't really gotten over the Tria that never was. But soon, according to Michael Klein, those neighbors will finally get its Tria. And they (probably) won't even complain that it's a couple blocks outside the neighborhood.

Former Dmitri's

Earlier this year, Dmitri's closed their doors at 23rd & Pine when their building was sold and their rent went up. Since then, the building has sat vacant, waiting for its next tenant, watching the seasons change across the street at Fitler Square. But soon it will be full of wine and cheese and beer and humans when Tria takes over the space. The restaurant, which will have a full kitchen, is expected to open by the end of the year.

And it's only like six years later than we would have liked. Let's try to make sure it actually happens this time, and keep this thing a secret from any local NIMBYs until it's too late. Sounds good?