Half a dozen readers have frantically emailed us this week, asking about the brand new “For Rent” signs adorning the building on the northwest corner of 21st and South Sts., long promised to be the home of a second location for the wildly successful brunch spot, Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat.

Uh oh

Well, we’re here to start your Friday off with a dose of good news: Honey’s is still coming. Yaaaay!

We called Honey’s to confirm, and they assured us that everything is copacetic. They’re a few months awayy yet, but they’re on track to open in this space in the months to come.

Those ill placed, panic inducing signs you see on the corner are for the building’s new residential leasing agents from Prudential, trying to move the rental apartment units in this building. Prices range from $1,700 for a one-bedroom to $2,475 for a jumbo two-bedroom unit. We learned about a couple of incentives being offered for new tenants, including a year’s membership to the extremely convenient City Fitness, and either a free month of rent or a year of free parking.

Also free: The agita felt by anybody confused by the poorly located “For Rent” signs.