We passed by 12 S 20th St. today, and were surprised to see business being conducted at this miserable Center City retail location. We don’t remember all of the concepts that have operated out of this space over the years, but we do remember that many have tried and all have failed. Can Xchange Bar & Grille succeed where the others have failed?

In business

Two employees, a velvet rope, and a concierge desk seems to indicate that business is booming, but the lack of people inside at 1:30pm was an indication that customers haven’t yet caught on. According to Foobooz, a business of the same name operated sporadically out of this space last year, with a concept of changing beer prices, like a stock xchange [sic]. Same owner? We don’t know.

We’ve seen businesses take over supposedly cursed locations over the years and find success, usually with dynamite execution and excellent concepts. Can Xchange alter the karma at this spot, or are they doomed like their many predecessors? We’ll see what happens…