Remember yesterday, when we told you that a surface parking lot at 22nd & Walnut would be disappearing with six new homes appearing in its place? The post set off a lengthy thread of comments, with people split on the concept of single family homes versus additional height and density at this corner. Thanks to the sleuthing of one of those commenters, we have some additional info on this project. Turns out the plans are a little different than we originally believed.

22nd & Walnut lot

Back in July, the developers pulled a zoning permit which moved around the lot lines, creating six lots from two. Along with that zoning application to change the lot lines, the developers also indicated that they would be building a home on each of the parcels. This change was by right, approved upon application, and didn't require a zoning variance. So what's with the zoning notice pictured above?

Part of a zoning notice

Early this morning, we passed by the parking lot to get a glimpse. Thanks to the rain perhaps, the zoning notice was torn in half. As you can see, the developers are apparently changing their plans for the parcel, and now want to build a five-story building with nine apartments and a retail space on the first floor. But the shredded notice only tells part of the story. We found the rest in a puddle in the middle of the parking lot (and should have taken a picture, darn) and the rest of the notice indicates that the application is specifically for Lot F. We poked around our usual sources to try to get some more info, but sadly we came up empty.

So here's some educated guesswork for this parcel: The developers are able to build six homes with two-car parking and don't need a variance. They see an opportunity on the corner to build a condo building with retail, and are giving it a go. If they get approval from the ZBA, they'll build a five-story building at the corner with five homes immediately to the south. If they don't get approval, they'll settle for six homes.

So that's our story and we're sticking to it. Uh, for now.