If you've lived in the neighborhood for any amount of time, you've probably bought a six pack and a lousy slice of pizza at Omega Pizza on the northeast corner of 22nd & South. If you're a fan of the place you probably want to get there quickly, because it looks like the business is about to disappear.

Current view

Earlier today, we received news that the Omega Pizza building could soon be demolished and that developers have plans to build a new mixed use building on the site of the pizza place and the parking lot next door. The five-story building will contain 20 residential units on its upper floors and in the 5000+ sqft retail space, the plans call for a new Wawa (!!!). The plan also includes five parking spaces, though we doubt this will quell parking concerns from neighbors.

The parking lot next door
The zoning application shows a fairly simple building with a combination of brick and metal paneling, but without seeing a true rendering it's tough to get an idea of what's to come.

South elevation
If you'd like more info on the project, the developers will be presenting this plan at a CCRA meeting at 7:00 PM on Tuesday July 26th at 2111 Sansom St. at the Stevens Community Center. But for now, we think will go and grab a sixer at Omega while we still can.