Back in 2012, we first told you about the likelihood that three buildings on the southeast corner of 15th & Walnut would be demolished and ultimately replaced by a new commercial building. A year later, we checked back in with a new rendering from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the guys who famously designed a bunch of Apple stores. At the time, we praised the contemporary architecture but lamented the fact that the new building would only rise three stories, considering the downtown location. Recently, we came upon a slightly updated version of the rendering which shows a second floor location for Cheesecake Factory as expected, and an surprise LA Fitness location on the third floor. Top Shop and Apparel, located on the first floor, seem like they're made up stores.

Project rendering

The project is now moving forward, as the buildings that previously stood here are all but demolished. Take a look at the change:

In the past

Current view

If you're a demolition freak and you'd like to enjoy a time-lapse video of the destruction of the buildings that once stood here, click here to see just that. Pretty cool that the developers, Midwood Investments, have provided this to the public, and it certainly makes for an interesting watch. We're not sure why it exists, but we've just watched it for the last ten minutes straight. Then again, we've always been pretty easily distracted.

Update: According to some commenters, Top Shop is actually a real clothing retailer. So could this mean that Top Shop will be one of the first floor tenants here? Also, is Apparel a real store too?