What type of business is coming to 1940 Pine St.?


Home for years to Chris’ Corner Books, a bookstore for the kiddies, this corner property was completely rehabbed a few years back. It’s sat vacant ever since, but appears to be on the cusp of being occupied once more.

We’re not exactly sure what’s coming, but the Center City Residents Association voted not to oppose an application for a take-out restaurant at this location. Their decision included provisos for no sales/consumption of alcohol, no frying, baking, grilling or any other cooking method which requires mechanical ventilation and another which required all trash be stored internally and removed every day.

The matter was initially heard by the ZBA one January 11th, but was sent to the neighborhood association for further review. The property is zoned C1, mixed-use commercial, which precludes establishments serving food. Hence the need for the variance. We’re predicting (why not?) a new café, coffee shop, or sandwich shop of some kind. And given the residential makeup of the neighborhood, that might just be the best fit. Didn’t another coffee shop hold down a space across the street for several years before closing a couple of years back?

Classy Pine Street

Now that we think about it, we may have found a clue that indicates that our thinking is on the right track.


–Lou Mancinelli