While walking through town to meet up with some friends over the weekend, we sought some shade on the 2100 block of Waverly Street and were surprised to discover a couple of ongoing projects. We don't typically stumble upon development in this high rent part of town, making the projects a little more notable than they'd be if they were happening in South Kensington, for example. First, let's look at 2031 Waverly St., a new duplex that's getting built on a lot that was previously used for parking.

A duplex is under construction

This 850 sqft lot was listed for sale a bunch of times over the years, finally selling for $215K in 2013. We would have to imagine that the developers will sell the units off as condos, and though we don't see any listings as of yet, given the desirability of the location we suspect they'll eventually sell for high prices. Incidentally, we first thought that the garage next door was related to the new building but alas, it's just being used for parking for the adjacent property on Pine Street. Thinking about it, the different brick color was a dead giveaway and next time we'll have to pay closer attention.

Rehab and a zoning notice

Just to the east, 2017 Waverly St. has a zoning notice in the window for the addition of a new roof deck. Not so interesting. There's much more to look at next door where 2015 Waverly St. is undergoing a gut rehab. The building's facade has numerous unique architectural details, and it seems they're generally being preserved. We especially enjoy the mansard roof, which has something that looks like a chimney going right through its middle.

You can see through to the other side

Looking up

We have no idea whether the owners are rehabbing for themselves or with an intent to sell, but if they end up putting the property on the market, we have to think it would get snatched up quickly. Not to beat a dead horse, but we'll say it again that this is an area where people really want to live.