A few weeks ago, we told you about plans to build a giant home on the northwest corner of 24th & Manning. To refresh your memory, this industrial-zoned lot has been vacant for quite some time, which is rather unexpected considering the location. Just a block away from the entrance to the Schuylkill River Trail, it's hard to find a more desirable location for a new home.

Current view

When we initially told you about this project, work had just started at the site. It seems little progress has been made since, so you may be wondering why we're revisiting the project so quickly. Well, if you look back at our previous post, we presented some black and white elevations drawings from Cecil Baker + Partners to give you an idea of what the home would look like. Turns out the developers have changed the design of the building, hiring Harman Deutsch to do the architecture instead. We were able to get our mitts on some renderings and thought we'd share.

Looking down Manning St.

From 24th St.

We just love the look of the home. Architecturally, it will wisely ignore the relatively new homes immediately to the west. Instead, the building will pay homage to the converted former warehouses that surround it (especially with the warehousey window on its north face). But it still looks like it will maintain a very contemporary look.

These days, so much new construction looks exactly the same and this place will really stand out. Quite an achievement, really. We are, of course, assuming that the developers will choose to build it to look like it does in the rendering. Let us hope.