What do you get for the neighborhood that already has everything? Popsicles, of course! And just in time for autumn!

For as long as we can remember, 229 S. 20th St. was home to a picture framing shop which closed at some point in the last year or so. For several months, we've passed by this storefront wondering what could be taking over and whether a new place could possibly exude as much awesomeness as next door neighbor Yogorino. And wouldn't you know it, the phenomenal artisanal popsicle store Lil Pop Shop opened a new location here earlier this week. Per Eater, the store will be open all year, even in the cold months. Moving forward, if you're in the mood for froyo and your friend is feeling popsicles, everyone can walk away happy. And so the world is a slightly better place.

New Lil Pop Shop

Across the street, a dry cleaners vacated a prime space at the northwest corner earlier this year. Though some small signs in the store indicate a remodeling job and express that the cleaners will return, the large MSC Retail sign on the building would seem to suggest otherwise. The brochure for the property tells us that there's 532 sqft of space which could accommodate a number of businesses but certainly not a restaurant. Also, venting isn't a possibility so there goes that idea. On the plus side, the owners of the property are fixing to install some new glass windows, further enhancing the exposure for whatever business takes over the space.

Former cleaners on the northwest corner

As the brochure shows, this area is positively saturated with retail.

A sampling of the retail in the area

So… what might make sense in this little space with a wonderful location? Maybe it's because it's Friday afternoon, but we've got nothing. What do you think?