Today of all days would be a lousy day to visit Schuylkill River Park, but it's been a mild enough winter that perhaps you've found yourself over there at some point in the last couple of months. And if you have indeed ended up there, you've probably noticed that the One Riverside condo building is slowly rising at 25th & Locust on the northern end of the park, next to the community garden.

View from the south

Closer look

For those unfamiliar, this project comes from Dranoff Properties and will eventually be a 22-story building with up to eighty-two condo units (could be fewer if people buy and combine multiple units), partially underground parking, and a bunch of high-end amenities. Those amenities will include an indoor pool with river views, a fitness center, an outdoor kitchen shared by the building residents, and a private garden area on the first floor. The building was designed by Cecil Baker + Partners, and will make a nice addition to the growing waterfront skyline, joining the new CHOP building and the new Cira Centres.

Building rendering

Site plan shows how close it sits to the trail

There will be a small private garden area

It's expected that this project will wrap up in the spring of 2017 which seems like a million years away on a snowy day like today. It should be interesting to see the speed at which these units sell and the prices that people are willing to pay for this amazing location and view. If you'd like to watch the construction proceed in real time, click here for a running video of the site.