For a number of years, Jack’s Camera held down the northeast corner of 22nd and Walnut Sts., with Millenium Cleaners taking over the space in the last couple of years.

Former Jack's

In August, an ominous sign went up in the window, indicating the end of the road for Millennium.

Says it all

According to the recently affixed zoning application, a sushi place will soon be taking over this space. At first glance, this seems like a strange choice for a sushi spot, with Mizu, Tampopo, Fuji Mountain, Yamaki Sushi, and Vic Sushi Bar all within a couple of blocks. On the other hand, with tons of residents to the south and west and no sushi places closer to these potential customers, this could turn out to be a genius move.

The building, which today comes off a little unimpressively, especially compared to the numerous elaborate buildings in the immediate area, is nevertheless on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. According to Emporis, it was designed by Ballinger & Perrot and was completed in 1916. You may be familiar with a couple other works by Ballinger & Perrot, such as the Crane Building in Kensington and the RCA Victor Building in Camden. As it turns out, the Walnut St. building was originally much more attractive, back when it was called ‘The Madison.’

Angle view in the rain. Meh.

In 1933. That's more like it. The first floor makes all the difference. Thanks,!

Now known as Walnut Plaza, the building has some of the more affordable condo units in the city, considering the location. And soon, it will probably have sushi, too.