As you probably heard by now, JetBlue will soon be offering flights out of Philadelphia. This airline has made a name for itself as a lower-priced airline that somehow offers a better customer experience than many of the older carriers. We can’t wait until the summer, when we’ll have our first chance to experience the free DirectTV on a flight out of Philly.

It’s clearly a coincidence, but the store that GQ Magazine calls the “JetBlue of Suits” will soon be coming to Philadelphia as well. Suitsupply is based in Holland, and already has US locations in New York, DC, and Chicago. The next two cities on their expansion list are Atlanta and Philadelphia, which should be considered exciting news for anyone who works in an office in our fine city.

Future location

With a location on the northwest corner of 16th & Locust, Suitsupply will be easily accessible to the downtown working crowd. According to GQ, two-piece suits start at $400; obviously not bargain-basement prices. But it’s what you get for that money that makes Suitsupply so worthwhile and so popular worldwide. The quality for the money is apparently fantastic.¬†Jackets have natural shoulders, buttonholes on jacket sleeves are functional, and the jacket lining will, in time, conform to the wearer’s body. Onsite tailoring is available, and the store also stocks shirts, ties, shoes, and other stylish clothing options for when you’re off the clock.

Rendering from GQ

This will be a fine addition to the Rittenhouse retail scene, and it’s really nice to see a company with an international footprint and only a few American locations pick Philadelphia for an early expansion location. Hopefully, the store will perform well, and this choice will prove prescient. Now if only they had DirectTV and gave out blue Terra chips, they’d really win our hearts.