1800 Pine St., purchased earlier this year by Priscilla Luce for $1.225M, is currently undergoing serious interior demolition. The building itself is huge. The interior square footage is nearly 5500 sqft., it’s twenty feet wide and goes ninety feet back, all the way to Waverly St. The facade of the building has a quite a bit of detail considering its mundane front, with unusual bay windows on the sides and back, and a detailed doorway. There’s also a small courtyard on the first floor on the 18th St. side, which you don’t see every day. The building is historic, so we’re not expecting any major changes to the facade and we also suspect that many original interior details will be preserved.

According to the zoning notice out front, the building will be converted into three dwelling units. We’re guessing condos. Units up the street at 2000 Delancey Pl. are priced between $750K and $2M, and we imagine that the units at 1800 Pine St. will also be priced at the higher-end. Between the fancy old building and the fancy address, this would certainly make sense. We took a peek inside and from the looks of it, things are moving along nicely.

A look through the front door. We can only imagine how much fun it was taking the plaster down from the ceiling.

We’ll be sure to update as this project moves along.