It’s been almost two years since we’ve last thought about 2017-23 Chestnut St., a building that’s sat vacant since 1991. When we last checked in on the former YWCA annex, we brought you the wonderful news that the PRA was finally selling the property to Aquinas Realty Partners for a price of $800K. Zoning approval was given in 2012, and the sale finally went through earlier this year. About a week ago, a reader sent us a photo that tells us that the project is finally moving forward.

Demolition notice, a little blurry

Clear shot of the entire building

Two years ago, we thought that the developers would be building an addition onto the existing building. Plans apparently changed, and now the plan is to demolish the entire structure. In its place will rise a twelve-story building with 110 apartments and commercial space on the first floor. In addition, the basement will be used by the Freire Charter School, located next door. We have a rendering that we think is accurate, showing the improved if uninspired structure that’s coming soon.

Low-res rendering

It’s wonderful to see that this large parcel that’s been vacant for decades will finally be reclaimed into active use. The new apartments will join the hundreds of additional units that have appeared in this area in recent years, with the recent construction of 2116 Chestnut a block to the west and the renovation of the former AAA building a block to the north. With demand for Center City living seemingly at an all-time high, we wonder where the next project will rise. As you might imagine, we’ll keep our ears open and will letcha know when we hear about anything new and interesting.