According to an A.D. Amorosi article in last week’s Inquirer, the Foodery will be opening a new location at 22nd and South Sts. in the near future. For those who have never heard of the Foodery, <GASP!> there are two excellent locations at this time. The original, at 10th and Pine Sts., is an unassuming corner store that happens to sell hundreds of beers from all over the world by the bottle or the six-pack (or mix-pack). Their second location at 2nd and Poplar Sts. is more of a gourmet corner store that also has seating and some decent food options.

While the article mentioned the intersection for the new location, it failed to mention exactly which corner will hold the new spot. Here are the possibilities:

Option 1: Southwest corner

My Thai is currently situated on this corner, and has been there for as long as we can remember. Interestingly, there is a laundromat a few doors off the corner that seems like it could easily be replaced…

Option 2: Northwest corner

Former home of Cafe Republic, long time home of L2. Don’t expect L2 to close, but there’s a dry cleaners next door that competes with one two blocks to the east. We’d miss the old timey sign if the cleaners were to go.

Option 3: Northeast corner

Omega Pizza, where you can get average pizza and an above-average selection of beers. We wouldn’t be surprised if Omega was replaced by the Foodery. People already go there for beer! A new building won’t get built next door for a Foodery, right?

Option 4: Southeast corner

Future home of CVS. AND a Foodery? Eh, probably not.

No matter which corner it ends up on, a Foodery will certainly be a welcome addition to South St. West. With the large US Realty development progressing down the street, and the mediocre Toll Bros. development eventually being built in the other direction, there will be plenty of neighbors, new and old, enthusiastic about having easy access to excellent beer.

The Inquirer article also mentioned a future location on Ridge Ave., but that could literally be anywhere between here and Roxborough, so we won’t even try to figure that out. Anyone know anything about it?