Over a year ago, we initially told you about the likelihood that the buildings at the corner of 15th & Walnut would be torn down and replaced with a slightly taller new construction building with all new tenants. In the spring, we updated this story, having learned that Cheesecake Factory, Sovereign Bank, and Uniqlo would be the new tenants in a four story building, set to begin construction sometime this year.

The building

Earlier this summer, Miga closed up shop, and next week, Elixr will be moving to a new location, just a block away. We noticed a sign outside their shop yesterday, spreading the news.

Sign of the times

Elixr’s new location is 207 S. Sydenham St., in the rear of the building that previously held Susanna Foo, the acclaimed French-Chinese restaurant that closed in 2009. The front of the building has depressingly been a Chipotle for the past couple of years. Elixr has done a tremendous job in the few years they’ve been at their 15th St. location, serving outstanding coffee in a nice looking shop. Hopefully, their regulars will follow them to their new, larger location, despite it being a little off-the-beaten path. The closing date for the old location and the opening date for the new location is August 29th.

Looking down Sydenham St. from Walnut. The new cafe is on the left, just past the bike rack

Behind the truck and the van...

There it is!

With the tenants clearing out of the buildings at 15th & Walnut, demolition and construction should be getting underway in the very near future. Just think people, before we know it, a downtown Cheesecake Factory will be a reality in Philadelphia! We’ll meet you over there for some apps, especially if the wait’s too long at Applebee’s.