It’s not secret that there are lots of dog owners in the Graduate Hospital area, some would even contend that there are too many. It was likely with recognition for that fact that Doggie Style opened a new location on the 2100 block of South Street a year ago. And similarly makes sense that yet another pet-centric store is coming to the neighborhood, this time to 1737 South St.

The space

Closer look

As you may recall, this space was formerly a real estate office, but has sat vacant ever since Joe Reilly Real Estate went under almost two years ago. Last week, however, the people from Dog School received approval at the ZBA for a three year use variance to open a doggie daycare/dog walking storefront, to complement their existing business in the Wash West neighborhood. According to their website, Dog School is the oldest independently-owned dog daycare business in town, a reputation that likely aided them in their presentation to CCRA a couple of months ago.

This new business will add to the constantly growing retail mix on South Street West, and will fill a vacancy that’s surrounded on both sides by existing businesses. Sure, the deli to the west and the redundant pharmacy to the east are not setting anybody’s world on fire, but their presence contributes to a greater whole that projects an image of a vibrant commercial corridor. This block still has a few more vacancies that will hopefully be filled in the near future, and whose foot traffic and visibility will only grow with the addition of another new business. Keep up the good work, South Street West!