Almost two years ago (wow how the time flies) we told you that Dollar General at 23rd & South was about to lose their lease. And we wondered what new business would take over their 5,200 sqft space, located on a prime corner on a prime commercial corridor. If you live nearby, you’ll attest to the fact that after all this time, Dollar General has remained.

Dollar General

It has, from what we understand, hung around on a month to month lease while the owner of the property sought a new tenant that would fill the entire space and pay a premium price for it. And now, according to several sources, that tenant has finally been found. And we have to say, we’re a little disappointed at who has signed on.

A few weeks ago, Unleashed by Petco opened their first Philadelphia location at the recently completed Granary on Callowhill Street. In the coming months, they’ll open their second location here at 23rd & South. The concept, in case you’re unfamiliar, is essentially a Petco for an urban environment. According to their website, the Unleashed locations attempt to provide the knowledge and services of a Petco, just in a smaller environment. Expect to find pet supplies, grooming services, and dog training classes here.

While the surrounding neighborhoods have plenty of potential customers for this business, we confess we find ourselves a little bummed that this store is taking over this space. Perhaps if Doggie Style wasn’t located less than two blocks away we’d be more convinced of the need for such an establishment, but it just feels a little redundant. Is there room for both on South Street West? It looks like only time will tell.