For 133 S. 18th St., it's been a rough couple of years. For quite some time, Leehe Fai called this space on the corner of 18th & Moravian home. After that business closed, plans emerged for a Dunkin Donuts to open in its old space. The community wasn't so into it, the ZBA didn't give the shop the necessary approvals, and the space sat vacant. New York based Crumbs Bake Shop appeared on the scene, and seemed interested in the space. And then they weren't. And then they were again.

In late 2012, Crumbs opened. And this week, according to Michael Klein, they closed this location for good.

A shuttered Crumbs

Clearly, the former Crumbs space is located in one of the best spots in town. It's half a block from Rittenhouse Square. It's just a couple of blocks from a collection of big office towers. The foot traffic here is constant, day and night. And it's on a corner, for pete's sake! Sometimes, when it seems that businesses can't make it work in a location we start to think that perhaps there's some other problem with the space or that it could even be cursed. But while it's true that this space has had some vacancy and turnover in recent years, we're bullish that the next place to open here will find a way to make it work.

So what to people want to see here? We'd be down for pretty much anything. Except maybe a cupcake shop. We're thinking the trend may have already crested. Like awhile ago.