Yesterday, we learned from @Foobooz that the long awaited Corner Foodery had opened its doors at last. Located in the former Petulia’s Folly space at 1710-12 Sansom St., this new establishment takes the Foodery concept to a whole new level.

As you may already know, the first Foodery, located in the Wash West neighborhood, is pretty much a corner store with a staggeringly good beer selection. The second location, in Northern Liberties, is an upscale corner store with a deli which also has a phenomenal beer selection. The third location is something completely different thanks to the presence of the chef from The Corner– a fancy lunch and dinner spot (still with a very fine selection of hoppy things).

The new spot

We stopped by yesterday and came away very impressed, and we’re not just saying that because of the courtesy half pint of beer in the middle of the day. The look of the space is wonderful. Clean, classy, and clever. When you walk in, you notice a small bar area, and just past that are those familiar refrigerators lining the wall, full of amazing bottles (and cans) of beer. On the other side of a wall that divides the space is seating for about forty. Customers order at the counter, where there’s also beer on tap. The menu includes sandwiches, sides, and charcuterie, and may expand as the place gets itself up and running.

Little bar up front. Note the wood and tile complementing each other nicely. Image from Foobooz.

Seating area. Wooden and metal tables. Image from Foobooz.

Again, we thought it was just great. In fact, we have a feeling that this Foodery location will prove to be the most popular and successful so far for this little local chain. Now, if it’s not too much trouble, about that Graduate Hospital location we were hearing about back in 2011