In June of this year Rittenhouse Square will be getting a new addition by the name of Cook at 253 S. 20th Street (bye, bye Snackbar). Restaurateur Audrey Claire Taichman [owner of Audrey Claire (we are the only ones in Philly who still haven’t eaten here) and Twenty Manning Grill on the same block of 20th] will open a mecca for the foodies of Philadelphia. Cook will offer hands-on cooking classes, cocktail classes and cooking demonstrations by both established citywide chefs and up-and-coming amateurs (“it’s not delivery…”).

Special events like wine tastings, meetings with cookbook authors and weekend classes for the kiddies will all be on the event calendar at Cook. This is a coveted location and an idea that will most likely be eaten up by the neighborhood. While cost for these activities has not been released, we are guessing it could get a bit pricey.