Prepare for sweatier and possibly slimmer friends and neighbors in Graduate Hospital and Fitler Square. One of the more anticipated businesses to come to South St. in recent memory, City Fitness has, at last, opened their second location at 2101-43 South St., in the building Grasso Holdings has been rehabbing all year. We got a peek at the new place on opening day, and figured we oughta share. Oh, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the post, you can see some photos we took back in June. Such an amazing transformation.

First floor map

Basement map

The two floor, 17K sqft space has something for everyone, including cardio machines, free weights, spinning, yoga, group classes, tanning, and (as of next week) a juice bar.

Front room, right when you walk in

Will be the juice bar, hopefully by next week

Cardio, looking onto South St.

The back of that room, with more cardio and strength training equipment. Historic stained glass windows, too.

Into the basement, down the staircase between the two large rooms. Locker rooms on the right.

Sitting room outside the yoga studio

The path from room to room in the basement is delineated by signage meant to suggest subway lines.

Yoga studio, with original tiles. Believe it or not, there was once a pool here.

Spinning room

Free weights

Group class room, complete with historic murals


And now, just for fun, some before shots…

First room, the "open workout area"

Future juice bar

Cardio area

Strength training and stained glass windows

Yoga room?

Free weights?

Group class room. Murals are hidden in this photo

And best of all, the place is opening just in time for you to make (and probably break) a New Years resolution! And resolution or not, considering that Honey’s should be opening in a few months just a couple of doors down, we’ll be grateful for the opportunity to instantly work off all that delicious brunch.