In the core Center City neighborhoods, it's intuitive that we don't see the same development activity that we see in neighborhoods like Brewerytown, Francisville, and Kensington. So when there are three projects to mention on a single block in the Rittenhouse neighborhood, it's quite an unexpected treat. But that's just what we're considering today on the 2100 block of Walnut Street. Let's move west to east, shall we?

Walnut Estates, coming soon at 22nd & Walnut

The southeast corner of 22nd & Walnut was, for many years, a surface parking lot. Last fall, we told you about plans to redevelop the parcel, first expecting six new homes then learning about plans for five homes and a mixed-use building on the corner. In the time that's passed, the parking lot has been closed (another one bites the dust!), and a hole has appeared at the site. The developers have dubbed the project Walnut Estates, and the project website shows impressive floorplans for the five homes. Each will have an elevator, 5,000 sqft of living space, and an appropriately high price tag. The taller building at the corner will have condos and a commercial space downstairs.

Walnut Estates rendering

Half a block away, another residential project is moving along, slightly ahead of its neighbor to the west. Van Pelt Mews, located on the north side of the block where Van Pelt hits Walnut Street, will ultimately mean nine new homes fronting Van Pelt Street and three home units on Sansom Street. Remember, we checked in on this project in October, after the developers demolished an old furniture store on the site. Compared to the Walnut Estates homes, most of these homes will be slightly smaller, so perhaps they'll have a slightly lower price point. You know, if you're looking for a mansion on Walnut Street but you're on a budget.

Van Pelt Mews getting framed out

Van Pelt Mews rendering

Finally, we get to the corner of 21st & Walnut, where it's retail news instead. The northwest corner was home to a Hollywood Tans for as long as we could remember, but that business went out a couple years back. In the last couple of months, Carlo's Bake Shop opened here. Carlo's is owned by Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss, and this is their tenth location. So it's something sweet and a little bit famous for Walnut Street. Oh, the glamor!

Carlo's Bake Shop at 21st & Walnut

If we were to purchase one of the new homes down the street, we know exactly where we'd go to celebrate. Of course, the lottery would have to be involved. But people win every day, right?