For the last few years, Arcadia Boutique has held down the retail space at 265 S. 20th St., right on the corner of 20th & Manning, right in the middle of one of our favorite commercial corridors in town. This store, along with their other location in Northern Liberties, offered shoppers clothing, accessories, and gifts with a focus on featuring sustainable designers and “eco-fashion.” But in the middle of last month, Arcadia’s Rittenhouse location closed its doors for good.

The closed store

According to a sign in the window, the space is currently available for sale or lease, though it’s not presently listed anywhere we were able to find online. And as we carelessly neglected to take down the phone number on the sign, we couldn’t even tell you asking prices at this time. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop us from wondering what people would like to see come into this space. Would another boutique be a good addition to this stretch? Perhaps another food establishment? Should Yogorino open a satellite location, like Spread is planning a few doors down from here? Or perhaps Audrey Taichman should open one more establishment on this block?

Whoever ends up taking over this space, we just have one request- please don’t lose the cheetah leaning against the side door. We love that thing, and would hate to see it disappear.

Save the cheetah!