A reader checked in the other day, wondering about the wooden fenced lot at 1509 Locust St., next door to Misconduct Tavern. We stopped by the bar yesterday and confirmed that the bar is expanding into this lot, and that construction is already underway.


According to the server we chatted with, the bar will roughly double in size, adding 80 additional seats with the expansion. The concept of the establishment will remain the same, with bar food, sporting events, and a far more tolerable downtown crowd than say, Fado across the street. The front of the building is set to change, with windows replacing doors on the existing structure and a new entrance appearing on the new part of the building. Construction will hopefully be done right around the time the Phillies start playing games that count.

A very busy few months lie ahead

Does anyone remember the use of this lot before this construction began? It’s a little unexpected that such a valuable parcel would have sat vacant for years, but from what we can recall, that appears to be the case. Also, would anyone agree that the bar’s expansion should probably be accompanied by at least a couple of floors of apartments above? If there’s a part of town that could handle the additional density, this would seem to be it.

Either way, we’ll be happy to see the expanded bar, and this will hopefully increase our odds of getting a seat this spring when we come in to watch the Flyers make a deep run in the playoffs. Hey, an 0-2 start doesn’t mean we’re doomed, right?