Northern Liberties is done. Fishtown is old news. South Kensington? More like mouth rendsington. Okay, that last one made no sense. But the point we're getting at here is that Port Richmond looks like it's the new neighborhood du jour, with new projects popping up and tons of opportunity moving forward. A reader recently called our attention to 2517 E. Cambria St., a large lot that was used as a surface parking lot a few years back and more recently was sitting vacant and overgrown. This is not the case anymore.

View on Cambria Street

Cambria Court is a 12 home project from the River Wards Group, builders that have been involved in countless projects in nearby neighborhoods through subsidiary BMK Homes. Like all their other projects, KJO Architecture did the design work. And special kudos to them for finding a way to fit twelve homes onto this parcel, which measures an unusual 72'x210' and runs all the way to Monmouth Street. The aerial view shows three homes fronting Cambria, three homes fronting Monmouth, and half a dozen homes on the drive-aisle.

Aerial view

Looking up the drive aisle toward Monmouth

Looking at the project website, we see that the homes are fairly standard new construction, with sizes ranging from 1,800 to 2,000 sqft and stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and so forth. So far, four of the homes are already sold, and three are now listed for sale, with prices ranging from $300K to $330K. The project is only half built at this point, with the units on Monmouth Street getting framed out right now. Given the speed at which the units are selling, we'd wager that the next wave of homes will sell relatively quickly and at escalating prices.

View on Monmouth Street

It's not too late to get in on the action in Port Richmond, but we can't be sure we'll still be able to say that in a year or two.