We were in the area the other day and spotted a For Sale sign at 1200 S. 22nd St., on the southwestern corner of 22nd & Federal. From the looks of it, the property has gotten some serious work done recently- it was apparently a church until a couple of years ago. At least that’s what we’re lead to believe, looking at a photo from 2009.

A few years back

Current view

The property has been on the market for five months or so, and is now listed at $269,900. The first floor is set up for a corner store, but zoning was apparently denied. The upstairs has a two-bedroom apartment.

There’s undoubtedly plenty of potential here, but that the zoning was denied could represent a real challenge. Hopefully, someone will step up with a plan to put something in this commercial space, especially with so much retail stirring just two blocks away.