A reader tipped us off to a zoning notice on this out-of-the-ordinary building on the corner of 18th and Wharton Sts., and we were surprised by the variances being requested.

Odd look

Complicated zoning notice

This building, 1300 S. 18th St., was purchased a little less than a year ago by Kirk Vs Inc for $115K. While this is a fairly steep price for a fixer upper in Point Breeze, its corner location, included parking garage, and very large 32’x86′ footprint make the price seem much more palatable. The building is currently set up as a duplex, with an upstairs apartment and what were once medical offices on the first floor.

As you can see, the zoning application refers less interestingly to a one story addition, which we would imagine will be built on top of the one-story garage. Much more interestingly, the application mentions a proposed take-out restaurant with seating for twenty. Also, this restaurant will have DJ music and live music in the restaurant space on the first floor.

Could do without the vinyl

Obviously, the addition of a new restaurant to Point Breeze would be a big deal, especially one that includes live music. We don’t believe the developer or the business owner has presented to the neighborhood as of yet, though we imagine they will have a tough road to hoe. Live music is a tough sell in any neighborhood, and we would expect it will be the same in this case.

Has anybody out there heard any whispers about what business is considering this space?