Last Fall, we told you about a new development project on one of the most depressed blocks in Point Breeze. Last week, we discovered that those six new homes on the 2000 block of Annin St. are either finished or awfully close, as some ‘For Rent’ signs have been hung outside.

For Rent

We were expecting that these homes would be offered for sale rather than as rentals, but considering the appearance of the rest of the block, we can’t say we’re terribly surprised that the developer is taking this approach. With mostly vacant lots and boarded up buildings to the east, we don’t imagine too many people are rushing to plunk down $250-$300K to buy one of these new homes. At least not yet.

Looking east. Welcoming, right?

But there is cause for optimism. Turns out the construction of these new houses has spurred another developer to take the plunge on this block. HQ-1, owner of the empty lot at 2044 Annin St. since 2007, is building a new house.

Look at that!

Closer look

We can only imagine that this construction was inspired by the six new homes next door. With the construction of 2044 Annin St., we could be seeing the next step in the revival of this block. And with a new coffee shop (hopefully) opening about a block away at some point later this year, it could start making even more sense for developers to think about building on this street.

Don’t forget, the nearby 2200 block of Carpenter St. was a bombed out mess less than a decade ago