Back in September we speculated about the fate of a fixed-up commercial space at 16th and Federal Sts. that formerly contained Ray’s Cleaners.

In the past

At that point, the exterior of the building had been fixed up, with the boarded-up rear of the property becoming an apartment, some new windows installed, and repairs done to the cornice.

Back in September

Recently, a new tenant has taken over the space, and we’re proud to announce it’s a new…

Dry Cleaner!!!



While a new dry cleaner doesn’t seem like such amazing development news, you have to remember that this isn’t Center City we’re talking about. New retail businesses simply don’t open up every day in Point Breeze, and for two to open within a couple of blocks of each other in a one month period (the other being the wonderful American Sardine Bar) is a pretty big deal. And it’s hopefully a good sign for things to come in this neighborhood.

We wish Nature’s Best Organic Dry Cleaners all the best on their new endeavor and hope that they inspire others to take a chance on opening a business in Point Breeze.

Yeah, we know. The coffee shop. It’s coming, eventually. We promise.