Last summer we told you about the case of 1402 Ellsworth St., a blighted property with a hope for redevelopment. At the time, a developer was attempting to build an addition onto the building and convert the crumbling and overgrown property into three apartments with one parking spot.

Last August

A couple of weeks ago, a reader brought it to our attention that some work had taken place at this property, which we had not visited since last summer. And right they were. A ton of demolition has taken place at this site since last summer, though we couldn’t tell you exactly when it all went down.

No kidding

Yes indeed

According to the ZBA, the requested variances were granted last August. South Broad Street Neighborhood Association then appealed the decision the following month. The wheels of the courts have been churning ever since, and oral arguments are scheduled for April. After oral arguments, it should take some more time for the Court of Common Pleas to render a verdict.

Will the courts vacate the decision of the ZBA, or will they uphold it? If they vacate, what’s the developer going to do? If they uphold it, will the neighborhood move on to appeal the project on the state level?

Yes folks, this project could continue to sit in limbo for months (if we’re lucky) or possibly even years.