We were in the neighborhood and spotted this row home under construction on the 1100 block of S. 19th St.

1116 S 19th St

Next to a couple of other newer houses

This property looks like it’s going to have a very different look than the standard South Philly home, and almost could have been teleported from Northern Liberties or Fishtown. But that doesn’t mean we’re not happy to see something interesting and unique in Point Breeze! The owner, David Nguyen, purchased the property for $9K (!) about a year and a half ago, and began construction a couple of months ago. Mr. Nguyen owns a few other properties in the neighborhood, but this is the only one we’ve noticed under construction recently.

We do seem to remember hearing a rumor that the workers on this site were tapping into a neighbor’s electrical service- hopefully that situation has been resolved.

Assuming it has, we’re excited about this interesting new construction and will be very interested to see how the developer finishes the exterior.

And let’s not mourn for the building that once stood on this site. Let’s just say its time had come.