A couple of vacant lots near Point Breeze Ave. could soon be on the outs. 1314 and 1316 S. 21st St. have been vacant for many years, though the surrounding neighborhood has experienced tremendous development.

Current view

The lots in question are located at the corner, and if they're redeveloped there would still be a vacant lot remaining between the new buildings and the seafood place you see pictured above. That parcel is privately owned, so it's possible it could be redeveloped sometime soon, if it turns over. As for the lots on the corner, there's a proposal on the table for a pair of triplexes. These buildings are designed by Harman Deutsch, and would include a unit in the basement and first floor, a second floor unit, and a third floor unit with roof deck access.

Elevations drawing

View on Sears St.

Unfortunately, these lots are zoned commercial, likely due to their proximity to Point Breeze Avenue. We would contend that it would be very challenging to make these buildings work with commercial space, as it's almost impossible for property owners on the corridor itself to find tenants, let alone for properties that aren't right on the Breeze. The developers will be going before the community at a South Philadelphia HOMES meeting tonight, so we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, we are less optimistic about the prospect of the lots immediately to the north getting developed any time soon.

More vacant lots to the north

We'll give you three chances to guess who owns all of 'em.

And the first two don't count.