We were in the neighborhood yesterday, and spotted two construction sites while heading down 17th Street, between Federal and Wharton. This block has seen quite a bit of construction in the past year, with affordable housing units going up on 17th Street near Manton, on the end of the 1600 block of Federal, and the end of the 1600 block of Manton.

17th St affordable housing

Federal St affordable housing, looking from 17th St

1240 S. 17th St. has a new foundation, and framing work has begun. The developers are constructing a duplex here, which we’re guessing will be for rentals.

Framing is underway

At 1204 S. 17th St., workers are on the site preparing to pour a new foundation for a single family home. The site has been a vacant lot for years, and the developers purchased it over the summer for $45K. The lot next door has ben listed for sale for two-and-a-half years, and is now priced at $42,900- so we’re guessing it will be bought sometime soon as well.

Formwork on the site

The lot next door is still vacant, but probably not for long

What’s particularly interesting about 1204 S. 17th St. is that it’s one of the 31 properties on Councilman Johnson’s condemnation list of privately owned parcels fated to become affordable housing. We’re guessing that, since it’s currently under construction, the property will be taken off the list. But then again, who knows?