This is a little embarrassing. You may remember that just yesterday, we told you about a few new homes under construction on the 1400 block of S. Ringgold St. in Point Breeze. A reader was kind enough to point out that there's some additional construction taking place less than half a block away, on the 1400 block of S. Taylor Street. As impressed as we were about the construction on Ringgold Street, we're even more surprised by the construction on Taylor, as it's a third of a block away from the 25th Street CSX viaduct. Also, Taylor Street is in much worse shape than Ringgold. Still, three homes are under construction.

Looking north on Taylor Street

Q4 Real Estate bought the vacant lot at 1446 S. Taylor St. earlier this year, paying a mere $25K for the property. RF Washington I is responsible for the two homes to the north, and looking at their address it appears they're the same folks building the homes on Ringgold Street. Unlike those homes though, these have much more standard squared off bays.

Two more homes

Closer look

As you can see, the block currently has a ton of vacancy which is due in part to the fact that the City has owned over a dozen lots on this block for decades. This includes the cruddy looking playground that's unexpectedly located in the middle of the block.

Weird playground

According to the PRA minutes from August, the City is selling all of its lots on the block to the Women's Community Revitalization Project. The fact that the lots are being sold for $1 tells us that the organization will eventually build affordable housing on this block. This sounds reasonable enough to us, as the block will look infinitely better once some of these vacant lots are filled in with new homes.