A reader tipped us off the other day that several homes are currently under construction on the 1900 block of Latona Street. Yesterday, we zipped over there to take a look and found three active construction sites to share with you. First, we look at 1929 Latona St., which is being demolished, according to the permits. Public record tells us that Realkore One LLC bought the property back in 2005, though we wonder whether construction signals a new owner on the scene.

Coming down. Previously this building had green vinyl siding like its neighbor

Moving to the east, we turn to 1920 Latona St., which is currently getting cleaned out. This property was listed for sale at an asking price just shy of $100K, and is either under agreement or has already sold. While the previous property is getting demoed, this one will apparently remain, though we’d imagine it will be completely renovated.

Rehab ongoing

Finally, we turn to 1904 Latona St., which has grown some of late. You can see, a third story addition has been placed on this property, though it’s set back eight feet since it’s got two-story homes on either side. This building was purchased earlier this year by some other LLC for a mere $62K, which goes to the show the variance between sale prices of shells in the neighborhood.

See the addition?

It’s great that these properties are getting some much-needed love. Hopefully, some other properties on this block that could similarly benefit will see improvement in the near future. 1922 Latona St., we’re looking in your direction…