A couple of weeks ago, we gave you the heads up that Breezy’s Cafe was coming soon to 2011 Reed St., a commercial space that was most recently a bobo Pizzeria Uno. At the time, we expressed excitement at the prospect of a new business coming to Point Breeze, but also worried that the location could hinder the cafe’s chances of success. Well, ready or not, Breezy’s Cafe opened earlier this week. Wow, that was fast.

The space

Closer look

We took a peek inside, and the new spot is wonderful. Half a dozen small tables offer diners a place to sit, and a tall counter looks like a leftover from the old pizza place. The vast majority of the space is clearly used for the prep and cooking of the accessible yet vegetarian-friendly lunch and dinner menu. The cafe offers daily soup specials along with salads, sandwiches, sides, and desserts. Sandwiches include cheese steaks, hoagies, and four veggie sandwiches. Reading Draft soda is also a specialty. Full menu can be found here.

As promised, we tried the mushroom sandwich on a pretzel roll, and it didn’t disappoint. We know we’ll be back. In fact, we have a feeling that we’ll be going out of our way to support this business in the months to come, and we encourage others to do the same. Hopefully, the cafe will appeal to neighborhood residents old and new, and even (dare we hope?) create a new community space where the two might interact.

Kudos to Breezy’s Cafe on the new business. We’re pulling for you guys big time.