Development in Point Breeze continues to inexorably make its way southward. A few years ago, new construction more or less stopped at Wharton Street. Over time, it's made its way down to Reed Street, Dickinson Street, Tasker Street, and beyond. If you pass by the corner of 20th & Tasker today, you'll see exactly what we're talking about. The last time we visited this corner a couple years ago, we were telling you about a fundraiser for the renovation of Ralph Brooks Park. In the time that's passed since then, the park has indeed been renovated.

The renovated Ralph Brooks Park

And as you can see in the photo above, there's currently a bunch of construction in the area. On the 1900 block of Tasker Street, two homes are now under construction, replacing vacant lots. At 1940 Tasker St., a new home has already been framed (by an OCF client!) and we expect that it will be finished in the coming months. For more info on the project, click here. Next door, at 1942 Tasker St., there's a new foundation that will eventually house a single family home. A third vacant lot at 1938 Tasker St. was purchased by developers a couple years ago and could turn over soon.

On Tasker Street, a new home and a new foundation next door

But that doesn't even approach what's happening on the 1900 block of Fernon Street. This block was overloaded with vacant lots as recently as a year ago and it still has its share of vacancy, but there's now some serious construction activity happening.

1900 block of Fernon Street, in the past

Four homes under construction on the north side of Fernon Street

A foundation on the south side, plus a bunch of vacant lots

It's on this block that V2 Properties has a gaggle of ongoing projects. On the north side of the street, four homes have been framed out, all of which are replacing vacant lots. And another pair of homes are coming soon. On the south side of the street, there's a new foundation underway and an additional home should soon follow down the street. We expect that all of these homes will sell, they'll sell relatively quickly, and that this will inspire additional development in the area.

Is all of this development spurred by the renovation at the park? Is it just a natural evolution of development trends in the neighborhood? A combination of both? What do you think?