Starting at 16th Street, as you head east on Dickinson in Point Breeze, you'll notice several projects are currently in the early stages of construction. First we'll mention the long-vacant lot at 1537-1539 Dickinson St., a spot that was previously even more vacant until developers built a home 1541 Dickinson St. a couple years ago. While that home has been offered as a rental for the last few years, we have to imagine that the pair of homes planned next door will be listed for sale. It bears mentioning that the two homes are being built by different developers, so you shouldn't expect they'll look alike or get built on the same timeline.

Construction fence on the 1500 block

Moving to 15th Street, we see a foundation has been partially poured at the northeast corner. This double-wide property is getting developed by a single developer, who has combined two parcels into one and is in the process of building a triplex. This project had to go to the ZBA last year, and we're a little surprised they got a variance, as we don't see any particular hardship for building 3 apartments here instead of 2 homes. Some near neighbors might consider this whole project to be a hardship, as it fills in a well maintained and well used green space. So it goes so often when privately owned land is used thusly.

In the past

Current view

One more project to note, of a less controversial nature, on the 1400 block. Yet another developer is building a home at 1438 Dickinson St., a property that has been vacant for many years. If you pass by, you can see there's a relatively new hole in the ground which tells us that a home is forthcoming.

Hole in the ground on the 1400 block

No doubt, several new neighbors coming to this area in the year to come will mean an uptick in business for Benna's West, located at Broad & Dickinson. We recommend the grain bowl, if you ever find yourself over there.